Powder River CHP Working Cowhorse - 16.5" Finished Seat



The Working Cowhorse saddle has a long, deep "sweet spot." It has proper stirrup and leg placement and correct custom seat rise. The saddles have beautiful tooling and quality stamping on fine skirting leather with real wool lining. Each Powder River saddle is handmade by a knowledgeable saddle maker and true craftsman.

  • CHP Series
  • Seat: 16.5" Finished (17" Tree)
  • Tree: DS Custom
  • Bars: Quarter Horse
  • Rigging: 7/8

Generations of cattlemen, cowboys and horsemen were raised riding Powder River Saddles from 1920 to the 1960's. The Powder River Saddle Co. was started in Denver in the early 1920's but actually became associated with the famous Denver Dry Goods Co. in 1930. The Denver Dry Goods Co. advertised themselves as the "Western Outfitters to the Nation" and indeed they were. They carried clothing for the true western man and woman, including hats, boots, belts and fine buckle sets. Any cowboy could order his ropes, bits, spurs and his horse gear from the same catalog as well as most of his outfitting gear including tents. Their crowning glory was at the top of the famous downtown Denver building. It housed their saddle shop under the Powder River name. The company stayed very current and true to the cowboy's needs with names like the Low Down Perfect Fitter, the Improved Sid Special, the Little Wonder, the Bob Crosby Roper and the Turtle Association Saddles.
Now it is this generation's turn. Powder River saddles are custom built to fit today's athletic horses. Whether it is the famous Sunflower Wade, the CHP Cowhorse, the Ranch Cutter or the Brighton Series Trail Saddles; Powder River Saddles deliver a narrow and balanced seat that is a comfortable, close contact fit for the rider and a superior bar pattern for today's athletic horse.