Rafter 3C - 100% Wool Saddle Pad

$189.95 - $199.95


A Brighton Saddlery Exclusive!
Rafter 3C Pads = Cut Back, Cut Up, and Cut Out.
For those seeking the ultimate in protection and comfort for the horse and rider.
The secret is in the wool felt insert hidden between the blanket and the fleece.  This 1/2 inch 100% wool felt insert is custom designed for exceptional fit.
  • It's Cut Back behind the wither area to relieve pressure on the withers.
  • It's Cut Up under the riders leg to allow for a narrower "close contact" ride.
  • It's Cut Out in a narrow pattern below the air channel of the saddle to follow the contour of the horse's back and prevent bridging.
The 100% wool yarn blanket top is among the classiest and most durable in the industry.  With a broken-in feel that conforms to the horse's shape the first time you put it on.  The 100% Merino wool fleece is the densest fiber available and was specifically selected for its natural ability to clean easier then wool felt.
For maximum comfort, cushion, and breathability RIDE THE BRAND and choose a Rafter 3C Pad.